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Our Mission

We have been supporting for the ideal living of our customers through our Online-shops.
Our products line-up is encompassing not only kitchenware but also all of innovative general goods from all over the world.
We have been importing various goods overseas for many years.
We would like to introduce the worldwide ideal living goods to our customers to make them happy!

Ball SetiittalaPasta machine ImperiaHario Glass

Where to Buy.

  • Rakuten.com
  • Yahoo shopping.com
  • Our own shipping site

Category:Household appliance.

  • Rakuten.com

Category: Professional kitchen appliance, Specialized cooking instruments.

  • Rakuten.com

Category: Toys and games, Figures.

Oishii Seikatsu
  • Rakuten.com

Category: confectionery equipment, Foodstuff.

  • Amazon.com

Category: household article, Toys.

Our Business

  • Our Business

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